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Until The Cosmos Takes Me Back

by We All Die! What A Circus!

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Caleb Bratcher
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Caleb Bratcher How this band slipped under my radar for so long is beyond me. Rafael's guitar work in this album is fantastically varied and gives the listener something a little different that a lot of other post-rock bands can't offer. Droney all the way through, while at the same managing to keep from drowning the listener with the same atmosphere by leaving airy melodies interspersed between the darker ambience of the rest of the album. Favorite track: From India To Gaza I.
musicformessier & Black Hill
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musicformessier & Black Hill Totally deep dive into the unknown. Favorite track: From India To Gaza I.
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"The album which evolves around the notion that our very existence is a consequence of millions of years of evolution and endless connections, rising and fading. It deals with the fragility of life as a whole and as an individual, always remembering that our time here is limited. It all happened on this pale blue dot, our home, Earth. We shall always remember that every single life, past and present, lived there--on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.
[ Until The Cosmos Takes Me Back ] opens with a spatial feel, almost like two planets colliding to each other creating a cosmic aura. The sound is instantly soothed with slow and comforting vibrations echoes. As the album progresses from one movement to the other a restful vibe tend to dominate while giving you this mega feeling of being floated on a thick patch of cloud. By now you’d think, that’s about it but no, that’s not it, more chimes and layers are sure to follow in a constant and progressive flow.
It’s like walking on the edge of a dream, figuring the difference between reality and fantasy, caught in between two worlds and awaken from a long trip where serenity and tranquillity are the core reflection of life. And this is just one facet of [ Until The Cosmos Takes Me Back ] as this album is equally drone(y) as it is peaceful. On various segments the album tend to bring a sonorous deep tones while also reflecting mysterious atmospheres unfolding into a restless realm with a low end rusty chords. This title invokes a broad ambientscape, in many respects like those created by Rafael Anton Irisari’s moody electric guitar drones. The best part of this release is that it’s an easy listen with a variety of themes and atmospheres. One can literally listen to this album dozens of times without the feeling of having his head exploding. The moody guitars are backed by soothing notes and it makes the entire listening experience a journey and a half. This is definitely an album you don’t want to miss out on."

Sheizaad Torabally, The Sirens Sound


released September 1, 2014

The album was recorded between September 2013 and June 2014. All instruments (Guitars, Bass, Synths, Samples, Field-Recordings) played and produced by João Guimarães. The album cover was created by Anna Wasilewska, a special thanks to her. Her work is available at: .



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We All Die! What A Circus! Portugal

A metaphysical shelter from corporate society. An ascetic journey towards death but celebrating life itself.

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